Liz Morris - 2014 Judge

Caesarstone Kitchen Design Competition 2014 Judge


What is your design background?
I’ve been a design journalist for 20 years and an editor for 8 years of Conde Nast House & Garden magazine.

Describe a memorable design project you were involved in recently.
Every day of my life is a memorable design project because I maintain that good design makes your quality of life better and enables you to enjoy and engage more pleasingly with everyday activities. I’m in the business of telling people about that stuff.

What does your dream kitchen look like?
It’s contemporary but not clinical. The materials I’d choose for finishes would be wood, stone and warm-coloured metal. A mix of lighting. I’d like a separate scullery, and a walk in larder. I’m increasingly loving 2 integrated fridges side by side that open up like French doors. Gas hob on the island, so I don’t have to cook with my back to people. 2 ovens at eye level. Micro next to that at eye level. Steamer too. Pizza oven. Griller. 2 garbage bins close to the prep sink and chopping surface that open easily. Appliances like juicers, blenders etc. are a nightmare I like them all easily available so I’d enjoy a special area for their storage, or better still, an appliance station with a surface close by to be able to use them right there – otherwise they take up too much countertop space. A peninsular at a higher or lower level to the prep surface in a contrasting material. Great finishes. Good looking plug points. Awesome taps…

What are you hoping to see in the design entries this year?
I’m hoping to see an innovative mix of finishes and materials because the kitchen is as decorated, or finished, as the rest of the home’s interior now. Use of colour has been long overlooked and there are amazing opportunities now to introduce it in a clever and focused way. I’m hoping to see designs that allow for highly sociable kitchens that simultaneously have almost professional capacity – kitchens that really utilise space. I’m not looking for theme kitchens.

Why would you encourage kitchen designers and architects to enter this competition?
Participating in this competition is a brilliant opportunity on every level. It’s great marketing for everyone and even better for the winners. It’s a chance to be exposed to the very directional Caesarstone range and its significant international design standards.