Caesarstone Student Designer 2014 Promo

Caesarstone Student Designer 2014 Promo

2020 marks the end of the fossil-fuel-burning car and heralds a new era in mobility. More motor vehicle companies will start phasing out the production of fossil-fuel-burning cars and ramp up production of both electric and hybrid vehicles as the predominant vehicles for motorists of the future.

Yet, like lemmings to the cliff avoiding the inevitable, today's service stations continue to pump only fossil fuels into cars, without offering alternatives. Service stations have not adapted much since the original service stations of 1905. Where are the service stations of the future?

This brief is a unique one for South Africans to once again become visionaries of change, anticipate the inevitable and free motorists and the planet from expensive, carbon-based fuels. It is time to embrace the future of clean, renewable, cheap, solar-powered energy for the vast, new array of efficient electric vehicles finding their way onto our roads.

Imagine 2020 is now upon us... Electric and hybrid cars dominate the roads. Except for the odd fossil fuel filling station with queues of cars desperately trying to refill their tanks with the ever-diminishing supply of fuel that is unreliable in supply, the landscape of service stations has been transformed by new charging facilities for all electric vehicles - some good, some inevitably bad. Yet none have really identified the needs of the new electric vehicle owners and considered a whole new experience that potentially awaits all drivers and passengers of electric vehicles, except for one innovative agency - re_Charge!

re_Charge! have decided to pioneer the way ahead with their vision of what they anticipate the future electric vehicle traveller will be seeking; recognising an opportunity for the both the vehicle and the vehicle occupants to literally re_Charge!, and create new "service-nodes". With the depth of creative, innovative talent that typifies this country, the call to all designers is to be bold, courageous, innovative and relevant and start designing the only real option for future motorists....re_Charge! "service-nodes". The competition is open to South African architecture and interior design students. Tertiary design and architecture institutions are invited to include the competition in their curricula. The first prize is an all-expenses paid trip to an international design fair for the student and their lecturer. Designs must include Caesarstone.

This promotion features architect and judge, Greg Wright, who conceptualised the brief, as well as judges Dorothy van't Riet and Lisa Younger.

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