2016’s Best Bathroom Design Trends

Kitchens and bathrooms are major focal points for residential buyers.  A fresh, up-to-date bathroom design can sometimes mean a quicker sale and even a bigger price tag on your home if it’s on the market.  But even if you’re not selling, bathroom renovations can also mean a more comfortable and attractive home overall. 

Upgrade your bathroom with Caesarstone surfaces to give your home added value and a better selling price

“The key to great design in both kitchens and bathrooms is taking each space beyond merely fulfilling its functional requirements and into the realm of aesthetics”, says Caesarstone’s advertising manager, Lisa Aspeling. “People are wired to respond to beauty at the most guttural level, which is why an exquisite bathroom will take you one step closer to selling your house at the right price, or enjoying your home to the max,” she adds.

Here are some inspiring bathroom renovation ideas to help you reach either goal.

1. Open Plan

Open plan bathrooms are practical and offer a different bedroom-bathroom living experience

An open plan bedroom-bathroom is ideal for saving space. In a smaller interior, opening up the bedroom into the bathroom can create a luxurious look and feel and make the bedroom feel less cramped. You might consider keeping the toilet separate, but why not design the bathroom so that it flows seamlessly from the bedroom by continuing the design scheme from one space into the other?

Open plan bathrooms can work beautifully for single bedrooms or double bedrooms, depending on your lifestyle and privacy requirements.

2. Furniture pieces

Bathroom furniture, marble-inspired surfaces and metallics are trending this year

While we’ve seen this trend influence kitchen design, it’s now filtered down to bathrooms too. According to Tamara Karsten of Spotlight Kitchens & Interiors, “Joinery in bathrooms has become a strong focus rather than just featuring sanitary ware or tiles. We will be seeing more vanities that read as items of furniture rather than built-in units that are designed to blend in”. This trend is can help to create a more luxurious, ‘hotel feel’ in your own home.

3. Twin vanities

Why not try some trendy trestle table designs for your vanities?

We’re almost certain that wives and girlfriends worldwide would choose twin vanities over a single vanity every time. Beyond creating a luxurious aesthetic, his and hers vanities offer an easier way to share an intimate space. Not only are they good for marriages, but twin vanities can create a magical symmetry in any bathroom interior. If you have the space, adding twin vanities to your bathroom is sure to appeal to both you and any potential buyers should you want to sell.

4. Statement bath

The statement bath is a must have for any luxurious bathroom design

While showers are practical, convenient and essential in any modern bathroom design, there’s nothing quite like a statement bath. Copper or porcelain, freestanding baths are totally en vogue and should be treated like the centrepieces they are. When planning your luxury bathroom design, make sure you position your statement bath first and plan the rest of your elements around this gorgeous bathroom showpiece.

5. Avant-garde Styling

Give your bathroom design an extra-special touch by incorporating beautiful styling items

Bathroom aesthetics are not just characterised by their hardware, but styling items too. Stainless steel taps are practical, but no longer the fashion highpoint in luxury bathroom design. Depending on your overall style, why not consider matte, black taps or brass, gold or copper taps and faucets for your new bathroom design?

According to Styleathome.com sometimes a standard classic look can revive a dated space. This year round mirrors are being favoured over rectangular bathroom mirrors, which adds an exciting, unexpected graphic focal point. Try incorporating hanging pendant lights or wall sconces on either side of the mirror and mix blacks and golds, which are huge in 2016.

6. Marble Inspiration

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo wall cladding creates an elegant bathroom space perfect for unwinding after a hard day’s work

Marble is the quintessential bathroom material. Marble or marble-inspired surfaces like Caesarstone London Grey, Calacatta Nuvo​, Statuario Maximus or any one of the Supernaturals Collection help to create a classic, elegant design that can really elevate this space. Caesarstone’s new Ultimo Collection of 13mm surfaces is ideal for bathroom cladding and costs 10-12% less than standard, 20mm, corresponding-colour slabs. This means you should have some extra budget to splurge!

While real marble can look absolutely beautiful, Caesarstone is made out of quartz, making it exceptionally durable and non-porous, and therefore more hygienic. On top of the lifetime warranty, it’s worth considering Caesarstone as your primary bathroom surface material.

Marble and Caesarstone products can also help to achieve a beautiful, antique look or help you to create your take on a modern classic look. Bathroom vanities, flooring, wall cladding, backsplashes, feature walls or even subway tiles are the best ways to incorporate this aesthetic gem into your new bathroom interior.

7. Mood Lighting

Clever use of feature lighting can help to establish whichever mood you’re trying to create in your bathroom design

As with kitchen design, we’re seeing a greater focus on bathroom lighting in 2016. According to Tamara, softer mood lighting is being introduced alongside the usual practical lighting. “LEDs under floating vanities or recessed around wall units creates a more luxurious and calming ambience, which is ideal when you consider that bathrooms are no longer purely practical spaces - they are escapes from the fast pace lifestyles we all live. They’re a place to recharge,” she says.

8. The Natural Look

Bring nature indoors by using natural-looking materials

With the frenetic pace of life many of us are living at, it makes sense that we’re still gravitating towards bringing nature into our homes.

“Bringing the outdoors into the bathroom through combining the warmth of timber with the beauty of a veined marble and an edge of concrete can help to create a serene ambience,” she says.

“Products like Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo and Raw Concrete engineered quartz allow designers to achieve this look and feel without compromising on hygiene and durability - two of many issues that arise with using natural stones and materials”.