7 Gorgeous Marble-Inspired Looks for Your Kitchen

nless you’ve been researching the hibernation habits of the polar bear in the Arctic for the past 2 years, you will have noticed that design gurus and homeowners alike have gone gaga for all things marble.

Unless you’ve been researching the hibernation habits of the polar bear in the Arctic for the past 2 years, you will have noticed that design gurus and homeowners alike have gone gaga for all things marble.  While marble is arguably one of the most versatile and timeless of all design materials, ever, it is unfortunately not ideally suited to everyday use.  As enchanting as it can look in luxurious kitchen designs and designer bathrooms, marble is a rather soft natural stone, making it susceptible to cracks, chips, stains and scratches.  Caesarstone’s Supernatural range of marble-inspired quartz surfaces offers you the exquisite, ethereal look of marble, but with all the benefits of a highly durable quartz surface and a lifetime warranty.​

1. Industrial Chic

Old-warehouses-and-factories-turned-living-quarters is still a big thing in most urban areas, allowing for an authentic, industrial chic design for your interior.  This edgy, urban kitchen makes use of original floorboards and exposed brickwork, along with a painted steel staircase to create the backdrop for a trendy kitchen design.  We love the floor to ceiling windows that allow sheets of light to pour into the kitchen space, creating a studio feel.  Caesarstone Piatra Grey is the moody, dark grey, marble-inspired surface used on the cabinets and the kitchen island, which is sure to easily handle any industrial style cooking or entertaining!​

2. Modern Classic

If you’re one of those people who isn’t a traditionalist when it comes to kitchen design, but don’t feel you can embrace the modern minimalist movement either, a modern classic kitchen might be just the thing.  Much like a traditional kitchen, the lines of a modern classic design suggest timelessness.  They’re not ornate as in the traditional designs, but they’re also not as sharp as a modern, minimalist kitchen, and don’t have the characteristic wafer-thin tops and sharp, clean lines.  This modern classic kitchen design seems to comfortably balance elements of both styles with a rustic, raw timber feature and marble-inspired Caesarstone surfaces, juxtaposed with handleless cabinets.  Inspired by the opulent Italian marble called Calacatta, Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo™ is featured as the chunky, white countertop of the kitchen island. This type of kitchen is one we can see being considered beautiful in years to come, no matter the changing tides of design!​

3. Minimal Magic

Minimalism was a reaction to the overdose of colour and clutter brought to the world through preceding kitchen design trends.  While extreme minimalism created very cold, clinical kitchen designs with sharp lines and little colour, we’ve seen a moderating swing in minimalist design that has allowed for warmth and heart to be incorporated into the overall design.  This kitchen features Caesarstone London Grey on the kitchen countertop and shelving, which beautifully balances the contrasting, dark flooring and stark cabinetry. The warm brown shag rug adds life and warmth to the kitchen, while the recipe books add the perfect pops of colour to an otherwise simple design.

4. Traditional Bliss

Although traditional kitchen designs hearken back to a few centuries ago, they’ve still got that X factor that keeps people including them in their home interior design schemes.  Whether your overall house style determines the need for a traditional kitchen design, or you’re persuaded by your natural preferences, a traditional kitchen design can create a very warm, hospitable environment for family, friends and guests alike.  With the kitchen now considered the most important room in the house, it needs to be a space that resonates with your family culture and your personal sense of style.  The marble-inspired Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo™ effortlessly creates the look of marble that was common in kitchens from eras gone by and helps to create the ambience so often inspired by classic designs.

5. Architectural Archetype

​Modern architecture has a strong focus on lines, often carried from the building exterior throughout the interior of the home. This angular, architectural kitchen is exceptionally minimalist with appliances hidden away and virtually no display space at all, preventing possible clutter. The emphasis is strongly on the vertical and horizontal lines expressed through the window, the concrete slabs bordering the swimming pool, the flooring joins and and the lines of the cabinetry behind the kitchen island. The softening elements to this kitchen design are the curved floor lamp, the bites of colour from the beach ball and green stool, as well as the cascading, grey veins of the Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo™ – all helping to balance what could have become a visually austere space.

6. Organic Oasis 

The beauty of this kitchen is found in the combination of nature-inspired materials and textures.  The living backdrop created by the green wall of ivy and the flood of natural light into the open plan kitchen and living space help to create a refreshing space.  The use of timber flooring, exposed brickwork and the marble-inspired, Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil cladding all over the kitchen island helps to create an organic oasis in the home.  This open plan kitchen and living area look simply reinvigorating to live in and good for the soul! 

7. Hipster Heaven

Hipsters, design and nature all go hand in hand, just like this superb, earthy, marbled kitchen.  Although it might not have longevity in its appeal, this design mixes the industrial and organic to create a luxurious and interesting kitchen space.  While the grey cement floor and streaked, gunmetal wall introduce a hardness to the space, the blonde wood, the rounded Caesarstone Frosty Carrina kitchen island and the pale, fluffy rug soften the space to create a, modern unisex appeal.