Caesarstone Launches New 2014 Colour Palette Additions

4130 clamshell
5100 Vanilla Noir
6003 coastal grey
6131 bianco drift

Caesarstone Launches New 2014 Colour Palette Additions

Caesarstone is delighted to announce the unveiling of their new 2014 colour palette additions at Decorex Durban on 20 March 2014.

The new colour editions play into Caesarstone’s 2014 marketing campaign, complementing the 2014 tagline ‘Celebrating Life’. Five exciting new colours will be ushered into the Caesarstone Classico collection, each offering a distinctive interpretation of the natural patterning found in granite and marble materials.

The Caesarstone campaign will be supported by stunning imagery where graphic matches are created between the patterning in the material and mimicry of the patterning using sumptuous food and décor items. This styling provides a stunning visual ode to the celebration of life.

Once again, Caesarstone brings you the beauty of natural stone with all the benefits of Caesarstone engineered quartz surfaces.

The new colours that will feature on Caesarstone’s exhibition stand are Clamshell (4130), Bianco Drift (6131), Coastal Grey (6003), Vanilla Noir (5100). The fifth new colour, Calacutta Classic (5131), will only be released in August 2014.