Integrated Technology - Kitchen Design Trends from Eurocucina

Convergence in the world of IT is finally hitting our homes too. With Generation Y coming into its own and becoming a real and unique market force, technology was bound to become a focal point in the home, and especially the kitchen. Eurocucina exhibitors radically vamped up their inclusion of innovation technologies in surprising and exciting ways. The focus on space saving saw mini-bars emerging automatically from kitchen countertops, automated cupboard doors hiding and revealing cabinet contents, and kitchen countertops moving horizontally and vertically to cater for real-time solutions to easy dining and hiding away the less attractive kitchen elements. A new and popular innovation at the show, many an extractor fan delighted visitors with a magical emergence from countertops at the press of a button, disappearing just as easily and silently when required.

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Eurocucina 2014 Kitchen Design Trends #4 Integrated Technology