Mixing Materials - Kitchen Design Trends from Eurocucina

Mixing materials is the most effective way to create a dynamic layering of textures within an environment and many designers did just this. From floor to ceiling, we spied many ingenious combinations of concrete, metals, glass, wood, laminates, quartz and marble, with a clear leaning towards focussing on more natural-looking products. Timber veneers, stone finishes, ceramic surfaces and metallic patterning were exceptionally prominent, taking the place of the more man-made looking materials of the past. The move to incorporate more nature into design is right in line with the rising awareness of global sustainable development issues, as consumers’ and designers’ purchasing decisions are being affected by media, political and marketing discourse around these topics. Technology advances have also played a direct role in the re-inclusion of natural materials back into the kitchen as urban lifestyles become more frenetic and increasingly stressful, repositioning the home as a metropolitan sanctuary and place of rest.

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Eurocucina 2014 Kitchen Design Trends #3 Mixing Materials