Mixing Textures - Kitchen Design Trends from Eurocucina

Eurocucina 2012 was characterised by high gloss surfaces, creating a very specific look and feel in many stands at the show. Perhaps one of the most drastic shifts since last year’s show, the juxtaposing of a variety of textures within the kitchen was a definitive feature of Eurocucina 2014, as designers sought to move away from an overwhelmingly reflective, polished space into a more sophisticated mix of textures. Matte finishes dominated the show with prudent use of reflective surfaces applied to bring a counterbalance and add highlights to kitchen spaces. Steel, glass, laminates, natural stone and quartz surfaces, porcelain and timber were commonly displayed as this year’s preferred materials with various effects applied to each element. The balance of texture seen in the majority of kitchens helped to create ‘living’ spaces, seeming to encourage real engagement with the design elements instead of warding off interactions that might leave evidence such as fingerprints and smudge marks.

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Eurocucina 2014 Kitchen Design Trends #2 Mixing Textures